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the porch: Bio

“It’s been a longtime coming for this day of reckoning and now we can’s a done deal.” - the porch

Those were just some of the first words out of our mouths when the new self-titled CD release landed in stores. It has been one long road of patience, will, and determination to conquer all the fear and anticipation of our first CD release.

Before all this CD stuff, there had to be a start to something great when Shawn and Mark got together one weekend afternoon and played for hours and had a blast. Next thing they knew is that they were playing cover songs from four different decades of musical genres and wondered how far this could take them. With a digital drum kit, an assortment of drum machines, and hours of free time they created a plethra of drum tracks to jam to. At this time, they named the band, “KGB” (Kingma-Gordon-Band). Within a few months later they changed the name to, “Remedy” and played a few joints for free cocktails and fun. All this time while mark and shawn are rockin’ out the local gathering holes, I (Jace Gordon) was living in south Florida, in a small city of Deerfield Beach. At this point in my life I was working as a prepress tech for a printing company and on my offtime I was writing and recording songs into a beta recording software called Cubase( It would let you record the audio, but not let you save the session. So I would have to realign the audio tracks everytime I wanted to lay down more tracks. ), Crazy huh? Within months I was buying all kinds of software and computers to run some digital tracks of my songs without realigning them all back together. This was awesome! After a year or so, in 2001 I moved back to South Haven, Michigan to form a band called “Horizon” with my brother Mark and my brother in law Shawn. Before you knew it we were writing and recording some tracks in my new 24-Track Protools Studio (that was fairly new to me). After awhile, I went to school for audio engineering at “The Recording Workshop” in Ohio learned how to record songs the correct way. In March, 2003 the band was started to successfully record tracks that were going to be released on the new CD. Towards the end of tracking, in spring 2005, the band had a revelation and decided to change the name of the band to “the porch”. It all made sense. (That’s where the band played thier first jam session, on the porch.) On this porch we mixed musical styles from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and the new millinium to craft 11 Great songs. Some that will keep your heart pumpin’ and thumpin’ and some will hopefully shed a tear. The guitars and bass are powerful with meaningful lyrics and vocals to back it up. These songs will definitly heighten your spirit and fill your soul.

With over 2 radical years in the making, “the porch” couldn’t be more excited to bring this to debut CD release to the masses. We hope you enjoy the listening pleasure of “the porch” . It took awhile, but well worth the wait.

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